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    Souvenir AUG | Colony bg

    Get Souvenir AUG | Colony absolutely for free!

    Souvenir AUG | Colony bg

    Souvenir AUG | Colony

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    Souvenir AUG | Colony. One of the most popular weapons in the game is the AUG. It has a powerful recoil and low rate of fire, but it is very accurate. The weapon was painted with a combination of hydrographics and stickers. Exchange your Soul Gems for the Souvenir AUG | Colony. AUG | Colony is a particularly popular weapon in the Counter-Strike series. It has been present since the release of CS 1.6 and was added to Global Offensive with the Arms Deal update. This weapon can be obtained from a series of boxes with stickers or from a random drop. In addition, you can exchange your Soul Gems for this weapon, which is unique thanks to its unique name and quality.