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    Video games are just one part of the rich game world, which everyone can delve into. Some of the people who love playing on PC have a lot of fun playing board games or slot games. Some people also play on websites which allow exchanging virtual currency for chances to participate in the game.

    At Gamehag, we try to fit the tastes of all of our users, offering dozens of various gifts. Today we have prepared something special - pre-paid cards for the SkinJoker service. The cards available on our website have several different values, convertible into virtual currency.


    Gift cards


    At Gamehag, we try to prepare gifts suitable for all our members. Thanks to this, we offer you the opportunity to earn prestigious points you can exchange for prizes.

    Many people use SkinJoker.com, where they play by investing in VGO skins. If you are one of these people, you will certainly appreciate the prize which we have prepared for you - pre-paid cards for SkinJoker.

    If you want to top-up your SkinJoker account, just exchange your Soul Gems for one of the pre-paids we offer. There are pre-paid amounts of 5, 10, 25 and 50 dollars.