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    Silver Lions 120 000 bg

    Get Silver Lions 120 000 absolutely for free!

    Silver Lions 120 000 bg

    Silver Lions 120 000

    Game recharges

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    Game recharges


    War Thunder is a free MMO simulation game. Thanks to the plot, you are able to take part in battles during the Second World War and the Korean War. The game offers historical fights. You can sit behind the controls of historical planes, boats and tanks.

    At Gamehag, we want to offer you something absolutely amazing! We offer you an amazing prize in form of 120,000 Silver Lions. You will not find this unique currency even in the official Gaijin store. You can get it only from us! Thanks to the Silver Lions, your gameplay will become even more amazing. You will be able to repair your vehicle expressly, recruit a crew and use them in the development tree.

    To get this unique reward, all you have to do is exchange your Soul Gems. Do it now!