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    SG 553 | Wave Spray bg

    Get SG 553 | Wave Spray absolutely for free!

    SG 553 | Wave Spray bg

    SG 553 | Wave Spray

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    The latest version of the series - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive significantly contributed to the development of modern e-sport. One of the most recognizable rifles in the world is the SG 553. It is a powerful automatic rifle of German construction. This one was painted with spray paint, using cardboard and grid as a template. Exchange your Soul Gems for the SG 553 Wave Spray. The SG 553 is a light-weight rifle, developed in the early 2000s. This model is a variant of the first generation, an improvement of the SG 552. The SG 553 was also a factory-produced version of the same series. It is equipped with a large magazine and has a high rate of fire. Exchange your Soul Gems for five pieces of skins from this rifle!