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    SG 553 | Cyrex bg

    Get SG 553 | Cyrex absolutely for free!

    SG 553 | Cyrex bg

    SG 553 | Cyrex

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    SG 553 Cyrex is a new version of the famous rifle from Counter-Strike Source. This time, the rifle has been completely remodeled and it looks much more modern than before. At the same time, this gun has a higher accuracy than its predecessor and also does more damage to the opponent. The rifle's body is made of polymer. It has a high capacity magazine and an integrated silencer, which makes it ideal for stealth missions. Exchange your Soul Gems for this rare rifle! SG 553 is a modernized version of the famous SG 552. This weapon has a high rate of fire, but low damage per bullet. Thanks to its good accuracy, it is very popular among players. The Cyrex pattern on the weapon is really beautiful.