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    SG 553 | Aerial bg

    Get SG 553 | Aerial absolutely for free!

    SG 553 | Aerial bg

    SG 553 | Aerial

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    The SG 553 is a modified version of the famous AK-47. Although it has a lower firing rate, it compensates for this with a higher damage per shot. It was painted with the skin of an airplane. Exchange your Soul Gems for the SG 553 - Aerial. This is another part of the game series called Counter-Strike. The SG 553 is a medical version of the SG 552, which is also used by the special forces. The rifle has a horizontal grip, which makes it very convenient in movement. It was decorated with colorful patterns, reminding us of the sky. Exchange your Soul Gems for the SG 553 | Aerial.