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    The human mind is a huge, uncharted ocean. This method of a metaphorical representation of the journey into one’s own mind was used by the studio Jo-Mei Games from Berlin. The studio has created its debut game - Sea of Solitude - both for consoles and PC.

    Sea of Solitude is a title telling a metaphorical story about delving into our fears and traumas. The main character of the game is a girl named Kay, who turns into a hairy monster. This transformation is a metaphor for depression and lack of confidence. While traveling through the underwater city, Kay meets other monsters on her way.

    Sea of Solitude is an interesting adventure exploration game with an unusual plot.

    Sea of Solitude bg

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    In 2019, the German studio Jo-Mei Games from Berlin created an interesting adventure game in which we play the role of a girl changing into a sea monster. This transformation, however, has a deeply metaphorical meaning - it represents a journey into the depths of one's own traumas and fears.

    This adventure exploration game received positive reviews soon after the premiere from players who like extraordinary productions.

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