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    Meet RKN Block Me: Telegram - a runner game with some strip elements! You’ll have to make a dangerous but a fascinating way into the Web as an explosive (khe-khe) Telegram messenger.

    As you go further, you will strengthen your position by collecting IP addresses, which in its turn will weaken RKN-chan. Be persistent and with RKN-chan you’ll achieve such things that cannot be achieved with a real-life girl. Good luck!


    • The ability to play as Telegram
    • Dynamic gameplay
    • Vivid RKN-chan’s reactions to what is happening
    • The ability to strip RKN-chan’s
    • Energetic soundtrack
    • Steam achievements

    Game objects:

    - Collect yellow ip addresses which gives more points
    - Collect vpn ball to get shield in certain time
    - Collect magnet ball to pull near ip addresses
    - Avoid RKN (Roskomnadzor russian govenernment censorship organisation) enemy balls which reduce player live

    Game contains also some nudity and mature content when player gets more forward and woman anime character drop clothes off

    PS. The game was developed under VPN protection.