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    This edition of the "Rise of the Tomb Raider" is the "Tomb Raider Season Pass", created by Crystal Dynamics, which contains various interesting extras, new tombs to explore, new weapons, outfits and game modes that may become a great challenge for the players. All the previous content can be easily downloaded and added to this edition of the Tomb Raider. This "Season Pass" includes the "Expedition Cards" which may help us to gain experience and improve our performance, which as well may challenge our friends.

    In the main campaign, we set off on our adventure with a very sensational and well-know character of Lara Croft. The game offers many hours of great entertainment with epic adventures in pursue of treasure and knowledge.

    Among the new development in this "Season Pass", we can indicate the three interesting game modes. Starting from the Endurance Mode which gives as a possibility to cooperate online with other players and a challenge to survive as many days as possible, trying to break the new world records. Then, we pass through the mode: Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch, where we are left alone in the dreadful forest that nobody should ever enter, because it seems that there is no way out.. In the last mode, Cold Darkness Awakened, Lara Croft has to survive in the place afflicted by the unknown disease that turned the men into wild beasts. You will have to show your best abilities in order to win in all those combats.

    Stand up to explore the world and become as adventurous as our Lara Croft!


    Intel Core i3-2100
    NVIDIA GTX 650 2GB / AMD HD7770 2GB
    6 GB RAM
    Windows 7 (64bit)