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    RimWorld is a strategic science fiction game depicting the fate of a colony distant by light years from Earth, which you can have for free now. It is characterized by dynamic gameplay, suited to the player based on three types of AI's personality.

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    RimWorld for free!

    RimWorld is an independent strategy set in the world of science fiction, in which we control the cosmic colony on an alien planet.

    We start the game with a group, survivors of a spacecraft crash. Creation of a colony is therefore in the hands of random people, not qualified specialists, as it is usually used in other games of this kind.

    As befits a strategic game, our main tasks are expanding the colony, providing food to our small population, and collecting and trading materials. The events in the game are automatically adapted to the situation on the map, to provide us with a lot of entertainment and not allow the player to experience boredom. Interestingly, the AI has three personality patterns to choose from. We can, therefore, give power over the shape of the game to Phoebe Friendly (provides an easy and relaxing version of story development), Cassandra Classic (gradually increases tension and difficulty) or Randy Random (master of difficulty and unpredictable gameplay).

    Which version do you choose? Get a free RimWorld key and choose the one that suits you best!