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    RGB RUN is a fast and hardcore runner, the fractal labyrinths of which will try to piss you off. The first thing that is required from you is a fast reaction and a good memory.

    At the beginning of a level a certain set of colors will be shown to you and your task will be to run through the correct corridors of the maze. This may seem simple to you, but it’s not!
    The game will become harder with each level and by the end it will be quite difficult to pass, since there is always a wall behind you, which is moving at a high speed, forcing you to act quick. The corridors can change its colors and the game’s control can be inverted suddenly. But this is only the one type of several possible levels.
    Through victories and losses, during the game you will learn from your mistakes to understand the particularity of each level.

    And of course, all of this is under a dynamic retrowave soundtrack!

    • 50 Levels
    • Original soundtrack
    • Achievements