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    The end of the world is here! The demons and other monsters descended to this world and conquered everything they could! However, at some point, appeared a strange, vampire-like hero - you. A hero who may change the fate of Earth and free it from any kind of atrocities he encounters! Reset 1-1 is offering a gameplay known and similar to the one from Commodore 64, with some improvements from our times, as there are more than 16 colours and the sprites themselves are coming with more details. The gameplay is challenging, but there is nothing more satisfying than finishing a level which drove you nuts a few moments before. The soundtrack brings to mind the tracks from the 80s and most importantly - you have to invent some tactics for each of the opponents you encounter, as their patterns are different and it may require patience to defeat them.

    About the product
    Region: WW
    Platform: Steam
    Type: Game keys
    Exchange 400 Soul Gems () for Reset 1-1. You can get them by playing free games, writing articles or completing Daily Missions on our mobile app.
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