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    Réel Futur

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    This package contains two games for the price of one :

    Opus 1 : Utopia - RPG

    Welcome to the world capital, flying and futuristic technopole Utopia.

    Investigation / investigation game where you have to find the terrorist who laid the bomb in the lab where the Eternity500 was designed.

    Investigate, travel by shuttle train via the statioport or by flying car through the city. Interrogate passers-by, cybernetic droids, robots or zonards by defeating the traps of the Mafia and its abuses.

    Visit incredible parallel worlds in Real / Semi-Real / Semi-Virtual or Full Virtual mode to restore the matrix variations from which the Matrix suffers.

    Opus 2 : The Era of Renewal

    Welcome to Utopia (one and the same nation "the

    cited "world", with only one is the same capital

    "Utopia" international market

    major cities of the five continents.),

    vast flying technopole.

    In the distant future, we are in the era of

    Renewal, which follows the Cyberpunk era (which

    takes place in the near future) where the first happens

    opus from the game "Utopia-RPG."

    During the Cyber-punk era, the world sinks into a

    terrible decay (overcrowding, disasters

    ecological, natural and energy resources

    almost exhausted, malnutrition, ill-distributed wealth,

    gaps in social disparities, civil revolution,

    armed conflicts, etc.) and at the same time, the

    technology makes a giant leap in all

    areas of human knowledge (I-a, IT,

    medicine, cyborg, robotization, etc.)

    Following this, during the Renewal era, the world

    slowly rises from the ashes.

    Little by little, technological progress is such

    that ecological solutions are found for

    improve the lot of the earthly population.

    The world is slowly emerging from the deep coma in which

    he was immersed.

    Under the effect of global warming,

    most of the globe is fled underwater.

    (It is for this reason, moreover, that you can

    find that the adventure card contains

    many islets in the middle of the ocean ...)

    What is more, there is more or less in all

    fields, whether artistic, architectural,

    scientific, technological, etc. A return to style

    artistic ancient (future-ancient) or middle age

    fantastic (medieval-futuristic.)

    It is not necessarily yet very visible to our

    present time or even in the near future ...

    But in the more or less long term, we will get there.

    Some examples ...

    - The first electric cars no longer make


    - Cars are flying and therefore less cars

    in the streets (see not at all.)

    - We are now designing farm buildings,

    several floors, to use fewer areas

    terrestrial, which leaves more room for trees and

    to vegetation.

    - Technologies are becoming more and more

    miniature, therefore invisible and soundproof, which makes

    think a little bit about techno-magic.

    - Dress fashion sometimes reminds us of a comeback

    in the past.

    - Energy resources have also changed

    (fossil fuels are becoming scarce, giving way

    to more ecological energies ...)

    - The buildings are becoming greener, asking

    building materials closer to the

    nature (wood-based building, building with walls

    floral, etc.)

    - Etc. Etc. These are just a few examples ...

    Between two attitudes, sometimes ravaged, sometimes

    rising from the ashes, the world has come to

    the era of Renewal and it is in this universe that

    play your game.

    Virtual Worlds

    In the near future, computers have been replaced

    by projection headsets which allow

    reconstruct everything the five senses can

    pretend to control machines remotely and

    project in a matrix in semi real, semi mode

    virtual or full virtual.

    Sometimes the virtual has implications for the world

    real and vice versa, so that it can

    cause disruption.

    It is therefore possible to walk in worlds

    virtual. The most common of them is a world

    fantastic medieval, which you can access

    to accomplish your mission.

    Some game tips :

    - Regularly save your game.

    - At level 1 some "big monsters" are too difficult

    to fight. We must therefore flee (key 0 to return

    basic menu) while waiting to get stronger.

    - Bring a notebook and a pencil to take notes.

    Note which places have already been visited, etc.

    Content of the two games :

    - Over 100 Monsters

    - Several hundred objects, weapons and armor

    - About ten career levels

    - Many maps very well done

    - Forty puzzles

    - 4 Game Modes (Real, Semi-Real, Semi-Virtual, Virtual)

    - A hectic story, many hours of play.

    Designer: Christophe Vanhille