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    Created in cooperation by two studios, published by the game production leader, Rage 2 has won the hearts of players around the world even during the pre-premiere. It is the id Software studio, which created the first Rage, and the renowned Avalanche Studios who stand behind the success of Rage 2. Of course, the game was released by the reliable Bethesda.

    Rage 2, like the first part of the series, is an interesting FPS game embedded in the post apocalyptic atmosphere. The game takes us to an alternative version of our world, destroyed by an Asteroid. In Rage 2, there is plenty of shooting, driving post-apocalyptic vehicles and exploring the open world.

    Rage 2 bg

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    Rage 2 is a game created by two teams- the creator of the first Rage which is id Software and by Avalanche Studios. The game combines elements of a typical, dynamic shooter with traveling around the huge open world. The game is set, just like the first part, in the post-apocalypse atmosphere - on Earth destroyed by the impact of an asteroid.

    Although, the game had its premiere just a few days ago, on May 14, 2019, we want to give you the opportunity to play it today. And it's completely free. Just exchange your Soul Gems for your own copy of Rage 2!