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    Prison Architect is a strategy game in which players are responsible for creating and running their own prison. From the construction of cells to the implementation of security systems, everything must be done to ensure the smooth operation of the institution. This is a great way to test yourself in real conditions. Exchange Soul Gems for Prison Architect today and start managing your own prison! This is a strategic game in which the players have to build a prison that will be used to confine criminals. They have to take care of their needs and, at the same time, prevent them from escaping. The game is based on the real-life scenario, which guarantees an authentic experience. Exchange your Soul Gems for Prison Architect today! Every prisoner has its story. It is an interesting game that gives players the opportunity to create a penal colony from scratch. The player controls a team of inmates and prison officers who have to try to keep order in the facility. At the same time, they can also decide how to treat prisoners, which depends on the type of power they want to establish in the prison. Exchange Soul Gems for Prison Architect and create a colony today!