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    PixArk is a unique production which allows players to discover and travel through a huge park in which you can meet hundreds of amazing creatures, including dragons and dinosaurs. The game is distinguished by great freedom of gameplay. The world of the game was built with the use of voxels, which is rarely found in other games. Thanks to this it is easy to create some updates and modifications. The creators of this production are people from the Snail Games team. PixArk represents the survival genre - the player's main task is to survive.

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    Our portal - Gamehag was created for and by users. We try to appreciate you, that's why we have implemented a magical system of collecting Soul Gems for activities. You can exchange them later for unique rewards.

    PixArk is a remarkable game which allows the player to travel across a huge park, which is full of magnificent creatures - including dinosaurs and dragons. The game is distinguished by the construction of the world based on voxels. The game is characterised by freedom of choices and activities.

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