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    Paradox Escape Route

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    Paradox Escape Route is a Survival Sci-Fi (Turn-Based) RPG that takes place on the Mars Arctic! Pick from 8 different scientists with various skills and gear to fight your way out of the anomaly-ridden Mars Base of Eithode! Engage in a very challenging journey back home using any means necessary.

    Fight, run, hack, or search for a way off the Mars Arctic using any available tools you can find. Almost all battles can be run from including boss fights, which will create unusual situations if you choose to run from everything... It is possible to dodge every enemy and not have to engage in one fight! However, with the fixed directional camera view, prepare to think quick around every corner!

    Current DEMO playable on itch.io until I fix the app here on steam! https://dkcgamestudio.itch.io/paradox-escape-route-final-demo

    Key Features

    Start the way you want! Each character has different skills and advantages that further define any of the 12 jobs you pick! Are you someone that fights enemies head-on, or do you like to be surgical in your attacks? Or do you not like fighting at all? There is a Job for that!

    Over 30 weapons to choose from that all have unique abilities and attacks! Each weapon has 4 different attack varieties that can be earned through leveling your character. Using a combination of Light and Heavy weapons, defeat any opposition that may stop your escape!

    Acquire over 20+ allies that come in many shapes and sizes! Rebuild mechanical Bots to fight for you, [Mind-Control] enemy Amoeba at the cost of your ammo [EP]! Search for your team to utilize found weapons and augments for a real strong force!

    Over 300+ Skills that can shift the battles in your favor! Over 400+ unique items that can be found in a randomized loot system similar to a Diablo II-style, which really creates unique situations with your current character compositions and areas you choose to explore!

    Explore the Mars Arctic with over 12 massive buildings that your team may have escaped too! Each building is accessible from the start depending on how you approach them! Computer Terminals are scattered throughout Eithode that you can save your progress at and hack into areas that will open up more routes! Using the Jet Pack will get you to new areas not reachable on foot. (And you can skip quest item searching with the right jumps!)

    Random Enemy Events are also present! A majority of BOSSES can be run from if you are diligent enough, however, they may pester you later on as you edge closer to the end!

    Mars Market is obtainable at all unlocked Terminals you Hack successfully! Sell the loot you find here and also buy tools and weapons. This hub is integral to survival as there is no INN like recovery option available. You must really account for your recovery items and ammo replenishment tools as enemies in this game, for the most part, are FINITE. Loot also is finite and using the most of what you got, making it all the way to the end is the name of the game. This is a Survival Puzzle RPG of course!

    Neurosigma Network can patch you into the entire infrastructure of the Eithode Complex! The Hacking Mode is connected to the Base, meaning if you are good at hacking the terminals, you can open all the doors to the game at any time! Running from enemies and hacking through can get you to the end as well! (NOT EASY)!!!

    There are doors that can be unlocked with Amp Lockpicks, which are rare and enable the use of shortcuts! You will find over 70+ puzzles scattered throughout your escape that will challenge your memory and logic with an intuitive color-based system. You can skip a lot of puzzles you may find overwhelming by using your ammo (EP) to complete the puzzle! Be careful you don't waste too much ammo frivolously!

    Over 100 songs I have written scattered about as well. New and unreleased stuff! This game took 9,180 hours, or 3 years approximately to make according to Steams time tracker. A lot of effort was put forth to make a very fun, and challenging game with many more to come with your encouragement! Cheers!

    The OST will be in the steam install folder searchable under "Paradox Escape Route OST", soon to be uploaded on here officially soon!