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    P2000 | Imperial Dragon bg

    Get P2000 | Imperial Dragon absolutely for free!

    P2000 | Imperial Dragon bg

    P2000 | Imperial Dragon

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    This is a skin for the P2000. It is a well-balanced pistol, popular among many players in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The model was painted with a dragon skin as a template. Get your Imperial Dragon P2000 now and enjoy the game! The P2000 | Imperial Dragon is a pistol that has been added to the game Counter-Strike Global Offensive. This gun is characterized by its fast firing rate and good accuracy. It also has one of the fastest draw times in the game. The pistol is equipped with a silencer which increases the damage dealt by the weapon. It was painted with red paint to resemble Chinese dragons, so it was called "Imperial Dragon". Exchange your Soul Gems for the P2000 | Imperial Dragon.