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    P2000 | Grassland bg

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    P2000 | Grassland bg

    P2000 | Grassland

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    The P2000 is a German pistol manufactured by Heckler & Koch. It is the successor to the P2000 SK and the predecessor to the P2000 G. Unlike its predecessor, it has no built-in suppressor and has a different finish. Get this gun and play Counter Strike: Global Offensive! P2000 | Grassland is a weapon from CS: GO. It is a conventional pistol type weapon, with a high rate of fire and a high capacity. The Sig Sauer P2000 is the next weapon of the terrorist faction. It is a new, modern pistol with a lot of interesting features. Its magazine has a size of 17 bullets and it has an average price of $500. The skin P2000 | Grassland is one of the rarest skins in Counter Strike - your chance to get it is only 1,7%! It's a particularly popular skin among players. Get it now, quickly and easily!