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    Anyone who likes strategies and simulation games will definitely find themself in the game Oxygen not Included. This game was created by the Canadian studio Klei Entertainment and is a science-fiction game which combines simulation and strategic elements.

    In Oxygen not Included, we play the role of people watching over the development of the colony complex in Space. We must look after our city-planet.

    The game was released in early access in 2017, but it is July 2019 when the full version was scheduled for release.

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    Simulation games belong to a genre which is still rediscovering itself. There are hundreds of games in this genre. The newest simulation game which is made in 2D technology is Oxygen not Included. Oxygen not Included was created by the Canadian studio Klei Entertainment,

    The game is set in the world of science fiction, and the plot is about the colonization of the Cosmos. Oxygen not Included is a combination of a strategy game and simulation with an interesting graphic design.

    Although the game has been offering early access for almost two years, the full version will not be released until July 2019. Thanks to Gamehag, you can play this unique title today.