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    Overcooked is a cheerful and interesting culinary action game. The story was set in an alternate reality, in a land called Onion Kingdom. It faces a great threat - ancient evil comes to it to destroy it. However, this mysterious being can be overcome by eating! This is not so simple. Experienced chefs are needed and the player's task is to become one of them. The graphics of the game are very simple, but thanks to the cheerful atmosphere and vibrant colors it is pleasing to the eye. The game is a great mood enhancer

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    Overcooked is a very original culinary action game. It has a comedic character, and its plot takes place in an alternate reality, in a place called the Onion Kingdom.

    This land is in danger when ancient evil comes to it. To save humanity, a sinister creature must ... be eaten! To cook the beast, however, you need qualified chefs and the player strives to become one of them.

    If you want to become an unusual superhero, exchange Soul Gems for the Overcooked award for PC now and save the world today!