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    Outward is a typical sandbox RPG game, the realities of which are located in the world of fantasy. The player has to choose one out of four competing fractions. Choosing a given fraction will affect the game’s development and it offers completely different options of characters’ evolution. The world of the game has an open form and is very dynamic. The smallest details have been taken care of, e.g. the changing season. The goal of the game is to simulate the growth of the adventurer's career - from the very humble beginnings, to the retirement time.

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    Outward is a sandbox RPG game located in the fantasy world. The player may choose one out of the four competing fractions. Each of them offers a different story and different options of the characters’ development.

    The world of the game is open and fascinating. It is characterised by a great dynamics and various changes, also when it comes to to the seasons of the year!

    You can get Outward today! All you have to do is to exchange your Soul Gems for this prize and you may give yourself over to pleasure of the game! You get your Soul Gems for your daily activities on our website.