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    Outlast 2 US XBOX One CD Key is the key to download the great Outlast 2 game which can be used when playing on American servers. This is a dark game in the type of survival horror, by many players called the most terrible and the most hideous among the games. The game is designed for players with extremely strong nerves and for those who like extreme impressions. The goal of the main character who is a journalist is to unravel the mystery of the death of a woman. With time the plot takes on new elements, and the goal of the game evolves to ... staying alive.

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    Gamehag loves its users! We created especially for you the system of collecting Soul Gems you can get for daily activities. You can then exchange them for fantastic prizes, e.g. for Outlast 2 US XBOX One CD Key, which is the key to download the game which can be used on American servers - because all players are valued equally by us!

    Outlast 2 is an extremely scary survival horror, only for the bravest! Do you belong to this group? Check yourself now and exchange Soul Gems for Outlast 2 US XBOX One CD Key.