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    Netflix is a streaming service that provides many movies and shows. Among them you can find many productions referring to iconic games and characters known to players. However, Netflix is not limited to this type of productions. Thanks to the platform, you can see thousands of interesting movies and shows, including many of the best blockbusters of all time, as well as fresh premieres. Netflix is one of the leading and best movie platforms, where every movie fan will find something for themselves.


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    A real fan of games is not limited to playing only. Players love when their favorite characters can also be seen in movies or TV shows! Netflix is a streaming service for movies and series, where a huge number of titles are projects related to games. But remember that you will also find here other interesting super-productions and various film genres!

    If you value film art just like games, then exchange your Soul Gems for a Netflix subscription now and watch your favorite movies and shows without any limits!