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    Get NBA 2K20 absolutely for free!

    NBA 2K20 is a unique basketball game, extremely realistic and with expanded mechanic. For the first time in the history of the series, you can manage not only men’s NBA league, but also ladies’ WNBA league too. The polished and very detailed graphic design makes the gameplay even more attractive, faithfully representing both the appearance of players and their clothing as well as the pitch. The game allows to play both individually and in the multiplayer mode on one screen with your friends or online.

    NBA 2K20 bg

    NBA 2K20

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    Gamehag is a website created especially for you! To show you how much we value your presence, we introduced the possibility of collecting Soul Gems. You get them for your daily activities and may exchange them for great prizes afterwards!

    Why don’t you go ahead and try NBA 2K20? It’s a fantastic basketball game, extremely realistic, with an expanded mechanic. In this edition we are able to manage both men’s NBA league as well as ladies’ WNBA league – for the very first time in the history of series! Get carried away with basketball emotions of NBA 2K20!

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