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    Get MP9 | Goo absolutely for free!

    MP9 | Goo bg

    MP9 | Goo

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    Everyone who plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive knows about SMGs, especially about the MP9. This is one of the most commonly used weapons in the game - it's cheap and effective! You can buy it on our website using Soul Gems. The MP9 is a submachine gun designed by the company Intratec. It has more of a spray-and-pray type of gameplay, with the long magazine allowing for less frequent reloading. The MP9 is accurate at close ranges, but is not very effective at longer ranges. MP9 | Goo is the latest addition to the family of weapons designed by Counter-Strike manufacturer - MAC-10. This submachine gun is a burst fire weapon with an extremely high rate of fire. The weapon has a solid design, but it is also very easy to handle. It's definitely one of the best weapons in the game! The skin has an outstanding design. We recommend you to buy this skin if you are a fan of this type of weapon.