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    Molecule - a chemical challenge bg

    Get Molecule - a chemical challenge absolutely for free!

    Molecule - a chemical challenge bg

    Molecule - a chemical challenge

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    Discover the fundamental building blocks of the universe in this challenging and educational puzzle game.

    • Build molecules from atoms
    • Test your visual-spatial ability
    • Compete with players worldwide for a solution with the least number of steps
    • Learn fun facts about science with every level you complete

    40 levels, 40 unique molecules, countless atoms, spin plates, triggers and puzzle fun of the rather challenging kind are waiting!

    Put your visual-spatial skills to the test as you compete with players worldwide to build molecules from atoms using the least number of steps. Over 40 levels, 40 unique molecules, countless atoms, spin plates, triggers and fun facts about science are waiting! But beware, this puzzle game isn’t easy. You’ll need to get your brain into gear to successfully solve these levels.

    Created by visual effects artist of multi-award winning film ‘Gravity’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’, Molecule’s game design is unexpectedly simple. With retro-inspired graphics and demanding riddles, this game will transport you back to the ‘golden age of video games’.

    “Games should be hard. The whole grown up life thing is. Why should a game be different? Something fun isn’t fun because it’s easy, but because it offers a sense of reward for an attainable achievement. We don’t look back to the beginning of computer games because we could finish them all in one sitting. We get captivated by nostalgia about spending, days, nights, weeks stuck on the same boss, with friends, in the dark. An easy win is not an adventure, and adventures is what we want to remember.”
    - Johannes Richter, Game Designer