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    M4A4 | Griffin bg

    Get M4A4 | Griffin absolutely for free!

    M4A4 | Griffin bg

    M4A4 | Griffin

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is another part of the game series called Counter-Strike. M4A4 Griffin is a popular assault rifle in CSGO. This weapon is characterized by high accuracy at medium and long distances. It has an integrated silencer that reduces the recoil, which allows you to shoot very accurately. You can exchange your Soul Gems for this weapon of choice of many players. The M4A4 Griffin is a powerful rifle that will help you win countless duels. This rifle is widely used by the players who like to use various types of attachments. The skin of this gun was decorated with a pattern of an eagle's head - Griffin. Exchange your Soul Gems for the M4A4 Griffin!