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    Lord VS Nas Vai

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    The game takes place in 2145, when people went to shelters and only reasonable drones remained on the ground.
    The latest model of the drone L.O.R.D. tries to return them. But he will have to go through dangerous lands full of hostile armed vehicles.
    Go on the road right now, so as not to waste precious time. But do not forget that you are also mortal and need tactics and extreme caution to carry out the mission!
    An interesting quest platformer definitely will not let you get bored and will not leave you indifferent. Levels filled with enemies, do not allow to relax, but at the same time do not strain unnecessary complexity, and colorful graphics gives the gameplay a twist.
    You have to feel for yourself the whole atmosphere of 2145 and feel like a sensible machine.

    - Unobtrusive music that sets the rhythm
    - 2D graphics
    - Worked levels