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    League of Legends 5 EUR Prepaid RP Card EU bg

    Get League of Legends 5 EUR Prepaid RP Card EU absolutely for free!

    If you like to spend your free time playing computer games, then you certainly know League of Legends. This is a network game which involves team duels. Thanks to a good strategy, cooperation and thoughtful attack you can systematically be better and better and finally become famous player. To make your character look original, it is worth refining it, for example, with a new skin, which you can buy for in-game money. You can exchange your Prepaid RP card worth 5 euros for in-game currency. You can get the card thanks to the Soul Gems exchange on Gamehag!

    League of Legends 5 EUR Prepaid RP Card EU bg

    League of Legends 5 EUR Prepaid RP Card EU

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    You can get this reward in different ways! Try your luck in chests and competitions!


    EUW / EUNE
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    Gamehag is a platform which allows you to get Soul Gems by playing your favorite games, rating them, completing tasks and even writing reviews. You can later exchange those magic stones for cool and very useful prizes. Some of the prizes will allow you to shop in various game stores and on various portals. Today, an amazing prize awaits you! This is a Prepaid RP card for League of Legends worth 5 euros for use in EUNE and EUW. You will be able to exchange it for in-game currency and buy upgrades for your characters. Exchange your Soul Gems today!

    You don't know, how to activate the reward? Check it out Activation guide.