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    Layers of Fear 2 is an adventure game, kept in the convention of horror. The Polish Bloober Team studio is the creator of this release. The main character is a well-known actor who takes part in making a new movie aboard a drifting transatlantic ship. The game includes three, very different endings, which depend on the choices made by the player. The game is rich in scenes which are meant to scare us. The whole production is accompanied by a refined sound layer. The game has received very positive reviews in the gaming environment.

    Layers of Fear 2 bg

    Layers of Fear 2

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    Layers of Fear 2 is another part of an adventure games series representing the horror genre. The main character is an actor who appears on a ship drifting in the high sea. The actor is about to play in the new movie, which is heralded as a huge screen success. The whole game has an amazing atmosphere and keeps you in suspense.

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