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    Lawnmower Game 4: The Final Cut

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    Immerse yourself in the fourth and final addition of the Lawnmower series. prepare for hours of captivating gameplay that allows you to drive new lawnmower and new driver which is new female character. Your mission is just to enjoy and cut grass for different levels.
    Player has avoid 2 different rat animals: Ghost rats and normal rats which can flip player mower. Every levels has score system which tells how many percent of current grass area player has cutted. Lawnmower has fuel consumption and mower can pick-up fuels. After fuel or health goes to 0, player need start again. Also beware mower can stuck very easily in the rocks and other difficult places

    Cut grass in four new captivating levels which contain easter eggs. Don't forget to watch out easter eggs Golden grass and Silver grass. When you mow the Golden Grass it will teleport you to a new land, MowerLand where mission to find golden lawnmower. Silver grass teleport player to mowerland 2 where need find Silver mower

    Now get out there and cut more grass

    Game contains also Steam achievements which will be given for level start and finding mystery items like golden grass and golden lawnmower


    - 4 levels with lot of grass
    - Ghost Rat enemies which appears undergruund and can damage player. After health 0, player dies
    - Normal Rats which can collide with player and flip mower upside down
    - Fuel consumption system.
    - Fuel pick-ups
    - Grass area score system
    - No Grass grow system
    - Steam achievements
    - Easter eggs at few levels:
    - Finding golden grass , player will transported to bonus level, mowerland, where player has to find golden mower to become ultimate lawnmower king
    - Finding second easter egg Silver grass , player will transported to second bonus level, mowerland 2, where player has to find also silver to become ultimate lawnmower king