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    Get Knights and Merchants absolutely for free!

    Knights and Merchants is a strategy game which history takes place in medieval times. The player takes the role of the commander of the royal army. His main task is to fight against the conspiracy, as a result of which the kingdom was broken up into small duchies.

    The game is strongly focused on the economic aspect of the activity of the created community. The gameplay should be conducted in such a way that life in our kingdom would be easy for residents. They should not lack anything. We also should effectively perform additional tasks, such as defense against enemy troops.

    Knights and Merchants bg

    Knights and Merchants

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    Gamehag is a fantastic place on the net where every player will find something for themselves! We value your presence here very much, that's why we have introduced the collection of Soul Gems, which you can exchange for great prizes!

    Knights and Merchants is a strategy game which action takes place in the Middle Ages. The player's task is to create a thriving kingdom. Take on the role of the commander of the royal army.

    Fight against the conspiracy, because of which powerful Kingdom broke into tiny territories. Exchange your Soul Gems for Knights and Merchants now!