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    Guardians Of Rings

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    You are hero bear character called BECK. Your only mission is to find 16 magic rings which are hidden and guarded with different enemies like fighting warrior, rhino with sword and axe weapons. In Start BECK has few weapons and few magical skills, but he can collect and buy more weapons from Sellers and also finding items which are hidden for treasure chests. Use portals to transport player to different locations and find more magic rings. BECK can also use horse so he can move much faster.

    Game contains lot of weapons like bows, swords, bombs, magic stuff etc. It is open world rpg and only mission is to find magic rings and/or just hang around in different places. Guardians of rings is combination for open world rpg and simulation game where you can collect rings, avoid enemies or just hang out


    - Open world which is separated for 8 different areas: Forest, Sci-fi land, Golden Temple, Empty village, Ruined desert, Iceland, Medieval village and Cemetary
    - Move to different areas via portals. Portals transfer player to different areas/locations
    - Inventory
    - Seller NPC:s who sells different weapons and other stuff
    - Walking NPC:s
    - Treasure storages which contains different items and weapons
    - Horse which can ride
    - Different enemies:
    - Melee/hand fighting not powerful enemy
    - Enemy with swords
    - Enemy with axe
    - Player has different weapons like: Sword, Axe, Bow and bombs
    - Player can use also different magic skills like ice and fire balls
    - Tutorial widgets
    - 16 magic rings which gives player Steam achievements