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    Get Ghostrunner absolutely for free!

    Are you looking for an addicting action game in a futuristic universe? You will certainly not pass by Ghostrunner created by the Polish studio One More Level!

    Enter the game in which you will lead the fate of a hero with extraordinary skills and face the greatest villain. All this is set in a futuristic world full of darkness illuminated by many lamps and neon lights. In this unique atmosphere you will improve from level to level your fighting and quick decision-making skills, on which the fate of the world depends.

    Ghostrunner bg


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    The world of Ghostrunner is just looking for a hero with supernatural abilities to help the good fight against evil!

    Enter the game and win the fight against an extremely strong and formidable opponent. Mara the Keymaster (because we are talking about him) and the forces subordinate to him are trying to suppress the rebellion of citizens, for whom you will now become the only hope.

    The action-packed gameplay set in a futuristic universe will surely attract you like many other players whose hearts have been won by Ghostrunner. An additional advantage of this title is the high-quality three-dimensional graphic design which will satisfy even the most demanding users.

    Don't wait! Exchange your Soul Gems now for this production of the Polish One More Level studio!