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    Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered bg

    Get Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered absolutely for free!

    Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered is an upgraded version of the Final Fantasy VIII game. The game offers all the attractions available in the former version, focusing on the new audiovisual content. The plot brings us to the mysterious, imaginary world, where we may find the fantasy elements intertwined with the modern and futuristic technology. The protagonist is a young student who has been sent on a special mission. The outcome will decide if the student would be admitted to service. Though not everything goes as intended.

    Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered bg

    Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered

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    Gamehag loves to appreciate the users! But it also loves challenges. Therefore it combined the first with the second creating a Soul Gems collecting system. You can get them for your activities on the website and then exchange them for great prizes.

    One of those is Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered, which is an updated version of the game's part of the bestselling and iconic series. The game offers the maintained mechanic but an upgraded visual layer.

    Check out what’s new in Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered! Exchange Soul Gems now!