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    In 2009, Codemasters from Great Britain created the first racing game based on the Formula 1 license. The game was called F1 2009. Ten years later, in 2019 the twelfth installment of the series called F1 2019 was created. Studio Codemasters specializes in creating racing games embedded in different realities and based on licenses of various real races.

    F1 2019 is a racing simulator in which we can sit behind the wheel of real F1 cars. Real racing routes and vehicles have been recreated in the game, so we can feel like a real Formula 1 Star.

    F1 2019 bg

    F1 2019

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    In 2019, Codemasters Software created another installment of the game based on the F1 license. This is how the F1 2019 game was created, in which we can sit behind the wheel of F1 cars. It is a racing game with elements of simulation. It can be played in multiplayer mode.

    At Gamehag, we want fans of all game genres to find their favorite and dream titles in our library. For this reason, we have introduced a system for collecting and exchanging Soul Gems, for which anyone can buy any game of their choice.

    Do you want to play F1 2019 and race on the racetrack with such celebrities as Robert Kubica or Lewis Hamilton? Exchange your Soul Gems for the game - F1 2019!

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