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    The browser MMO strategy Elvenar is a game set in a fantasy atmosphere. The player takes on the role of humans or elves. The main task of the game is to create a thriving city. Depending on the choice of the people, the game is slightly different - buildings differ in style, each population has different technologies, and the game is governed by a slightly different philosophy. While playing, you should focus on many aspects, including obtaining resources, building a strong army, developing the city, etc. Elvenar rewards is a reward in the form of gifts and additions to the game Elvenar.


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    Elvenar is a browser MMO strategy game. The game will allow you to side with elves or humans. Your main task in the game will be to create a thriving city. Each population has different technologies, builds visually different buildings, and has a slightly different gameplay philosophy. The game will surely attract people who love fantasy atmosphere!

    If you want to spice up your Elvenar game, we encourage you to exchange the Soul Gems for the Elvenar rewards. These are gifts and extras that will surely provide a whole new city-building experience!