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    Dual Berettas | Black Limba bg

    Get Dual Berettas | Black Limba absolutely for free!

    Dual Berettas | Black Limba bg

    Dual Berettas | Black Limba

    CS:GO Skins

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    Dual Berettas are the favorite weapons of many CS:GO players. The pistol has a detachable silencer which not only provides soundproofing, but also reduces recoil. It was painted with black limba as template. Exchange your Soul Gems for the Dual Berettas Black Limba. The Dual Berettas are the perfect pair of pistols for any close combat situation. They are small, fast and accurate. The Black Limba pattern is used to paint these weapons. The Berettas is a pistol which is often used by players in Counter-Strike. It is an ideal weapon for close and medium range attacks, and it's strength lies in its high rate of fire and good accuracy. This skin was created with the help of a black limba wood - a very bright and visually appealing material. Exchange your Soul Gems for this unique weapon!