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    Dollhouse is a new game from the horror genre, strongly referring to many noir movies. The main character is Detective Marie trying to decipher the secrets of her own past. Dollhouse is a blood curdling story, fantastically building tension, designed only for the boldest players. The game allows a lot of freedom of action. The player must make decisions which affect the development of the story. The game is very atmospheric and builds the right tension, which is supported by an amazing soundtrack.

    Dollhouse bg


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    Gamehag is a portal designed for all game fans. We value our users very much, which is why we have introduced a system of collecting Soul Gems for daily activities. Soul Gems can then be exchanged for attractive prizes, such game codes.

    Dollhouse is a production created exclusively for players with strong nerves. This blood-freezing game, referring to the noir movies, will remain in your memory for a very long time. If you can survive the gruesome journey through the mind of Detective Marie.

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