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    Decay of Logos is an original combination of the action and adventure game, developed by the Amplify Creations studio. Decay of Logos’ plot brings us to the fantasy reality, to the kingdom struggling with multiple problems. The protagonist is a young girl whose task is to confront dangerous intruders who invaded her home village. She was the only one to survive this. The world of game is half-open. The graphic is very pleasing in reception. The details, especially the plants, are very nuanced which makes playing the game much more comfortable.

    Decay of Logos bg

    Decay of Logos

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    Do you know our special Soul Gems collecting system? You may get Soul Gems for your daily activities on Gamehag and then exchange them for attractive prizes which are for example free game keys.

    One of those is a Decay of Logos game that brings us to the world of fantasy and to be precise – to the struggling kingdom. The player takes the role of the villager, who promised a vengeance to the invaders after they have conquered and slaughtered the realm. Don’t hesitate!

    Exchange Soul Gems for Decay of Logos now!