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    Days Gone is a PS4 game. It’s a great entertainment with a lot of action in it. The story is embedded in the though, post-apocalyptic reality. The goal for the player is to survive in these hard times. We must focus on ourselves to stay alive, not on saving the world. The protagonist is Deacon St. John – a former member of a motorcycle gang, now he became a bounty hunter. Besides dealing with the world’s new order, where he might run into a zombie at every step, he also struggles with his own love life.

    Days Gone PS4 bg

    Days Gone PS4

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    Gamehag is very pleased with your presence! Therefore, especially for you, the Soul Gems collecting system was created. You receive them for your daily activities and you can exchange them for fantastic prizes!

    One of those is Days Gone, the great action game for PS4, located in the post-apocalyptic reality. The gameplay relies on the survival, the player must face numerous dangerous situations. You focus only on yourself, not on saving the world.

    Exchange the Soul Gems for Days Gone and enjoy the pleasure of survival right now!