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    Even when we were children I and my sister did understand we can see what nobody can. When we fell asleep we got into a strange place. It was dark and it was snowing all the time but it wasn’t the usual snow everybody knows. The snow was dark. That world was swarming with creatures living there from the beginning of time.

    Both of us liked to jaunt to this world, enjoy the beauty of this place…. until we were spotted. Since then your life became a daily escape from the creatures of the Darkness. It cannot last a long time. My sister was caught and imprisoned in the Dark Dream World. I tried to find her in the world of the Dark Snow but all my attempts were futile. I didn’t hear her voice and couldn’t find out where she was. I lacked the strength and the knowledge about this place.

    I conceived a hatred for these creature and swore to bring my sister back.

    10 years later I learned how to survive and use my abilities, get deeper and deeper into the dark world and destroy the dark monsters. I began to save human souls who accidentally walk in and help them out. Only one thought was in my mind each time I went there. I had to rescue my sister’s soul. It doesn’t matter how far I must go, how many enemies I must destroy. I know I can find and save my sister.

    About this game:
    -8 fascinating levels, each of them is like a separate open-world game.
    -Great variety of enemies and magic weapons.
    -An interesting storyline.
    -Upgrading the character's abilities.
    -Beautiful and high-quality graphics.
    -New interesting weapon system.
    -Hidden secrets.