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    In the first two weeks of the release, Cuphead conquered all game markets in the world, selling more than a million copies. Next quarter, they managed to double this amount.

    Cuphead is a 2D action game, with graphics maintained in the atmosphere of old cartoons and mechanics reminiscent of old fighting and platform games. Manual drawings, as well as the use of appropriate filters, allow us to feel the atmosphere of the 1930s, giving the game a unique charm.

    The story takes place on the fictional islands of Inkwell and tells the tale of two brothers: Cuphead and Mugman. They live under the care of their mentor, Elder Kettle (who, at the moment of danger, gives them a mixture that gave them ability to shoot from their fingers and gives them valuable advice), despite his warnings one day boys go to the devil's casino and get into trouble there.

    At the beginning lady luck was upon them and the stakes increase with each winning game. Finally, the Devil proposes that at the next win Cuphead and Mugman will receive all the money in the casino, but if they lose - he will take their souls. As you can expect, the brothers enthusiastically accept the offer. When the ruler of hell wins, they begin to beg desperately for mercy. Devil, full of himself, proposes a further arrangement: he will allow the boys to keep their souls if they collect contracts from the debtors fleeing from him until midnight on the following day.

    Cuphead and Mugman embark on a journey through the Inkwell Islands fighting against the inhabitants who lost their souls to the Devil. Most fights take place in the 1v1 mode, in which as Cuphead we have to face new opponents. It's a bit like fighting bosses in old platformers. Former opponents, however, were not equipped with dynamic artificial intelligence, so defeating them was a bit less complicated. Help for us can be additional costumes and numerous weapons. The game also has a cooperative modes in which two players (as Cuphead and Mugman) face one boss.
    Because a loss with an opponent does not bring any negative consequences, and the number of attempts is infinite, the game quickly pulls and keeps the player for a long time, preventing the loss of enthusiasm which often brings with it a high level of difficulty.

    After defeating the debtors, the brothers return to the casino to complete the contract. However, King Dice is on their way, who doesn’t want to allow the task to be completed. Probably he would lose the bet with the Devil himself. He sends his supporters to the fight, and then he confronts the main heroes.

    Finally, King Dice was defeated; the Devil insists that Cuphead and Mugman return the contracts in exchange for joining his demonic entourage. It depends on you what will happen next. How will this game end? Check it out now, winning the Cuphead game completely free!

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    Intel Core2 Duo E8400, 3.0GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+, 3.0GHz or higher
    Geforce 9600 GT or AMD HD 3870 512MB or higher
    2 GB RAM
    20 GB
    Windows 7