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    Crossout is a MMO game. Its universe is a post-apocalyptic world and the heart of the game about building various vehicles, which are then used to fight other fancy machines. Thanks to any personalization, you can freely influence their quality, effectiveness and resistance to injuries. The game has low system requirements, so it can be used by a wide range of players. Crossout Coins is a virtual currency that allows you to buy various in-game items or new machine parts for your unique war machine.


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    Crossout is a MMO game universe which has been set in a post-apocalyptic world. The main attraction of the game are vehicles constructed by players. They can be personalized: add some upgrades which influence their resistance and effectiveness in combating enemy vehicles.

    Crossout Coins are available in the game. It is nothing more than a virtual currency for which you can buy new machine parts or various items.

    Exchange your Soul Gems for the Crossout Coins award now and perform a spectacular personalization of your vehicle!