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    Colt Canyon is a western-style roguelike made in the form of an extremely dynamic twin-stick shooter. During the game, the player takes on the role of a hero whose task is to save the kidnapped partner and then safely bring him home. The action of the game is observed from bird's-eye view. The production allows you to play alone, as well as in the local multiplayer mode - mutual cooperation. The action is very fast and therefore extremely attractive. The company Headup Games is behind the release of this amazing title.

    Colt Canyon bg

    Colt Canyon

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    Colt Canyon is a Western-style roguelike, made in a kind of dynamic twin-stick shooter. The player takes on the role of a hero whose main task is to save his kidnapped partner and bring him home safely. The action during the game is seen from bird's-eye view.

    The game allows you to play alone and in multiplayer in local cooperation mode. The action during the game is very fast so you have to be watchful!

    Exchange Soul Gems, which you grain for activities on the Gamehag portal, for Colt Canyon and become a hero now!