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    In 2012 Daedalic Entertainment created a continuation of the interesting, funny adventure game Deponia maintained in a humorous atmosphere. In this way, the game Chaos on Deponia was created. The game is again set on the scrapyard planet Deponia. Here again, we play the role of Rufus, who is still trying to get to Elysium - the city in the clouds. The only way is to get the codes installed on the damaged chip in Goal's head. After the data recovery operation, Goal's personality splits into three which provides Rufus with further problems.

    Chaos on Deponia bg

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    Chaos on Deponia is the next installment of a humorous adventure game set on a scrap yard planet called Deponia. The game tells the story of Rufus and his beloved Goal, a lady from the upper classes, who used to live in Elysium.

    In this part, Rufus must once again win Goal's heart because the girl's consciousness is broken down into three separate personalities as a result of surgery.

    Chaos on Deponia is another funny comedy full of mistakes. The game is created in a comic graphic design. If you want to play this fantastic game, exchange your Soul Gems for a game code!