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    Borderlands 3 is a great shooting FPP game with quite a lot of RPG elements (for example developing your characters). The action of the game refers to the last part and starts five years after those events. The story is highly focused on Mermaids, mysterious women gifted with superhuman powers. The protagonists must face the Children of the Vault Cult led by one of the Mermaids and her twin brother, also gifted with supernatural powers. The game is mainly designed for a four-person cooperative mode.

    Borderlands 3 bg

    Borderlands 3

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    Do you love Gamehag? We love you too! Therefore, just for our users, we created a possibility of collecting Soul Gems for your daily activities. You can exchange them later for fantastic prizes, like Borderlands 3!

    Borderlands 3 is a fantastic shooting FPP game with elements of RPG. Fight you opponents and execute various tasks! Women play a significant role in this part. What role? Exchange Soul Gems for Borderlands 3 and find out for yourself! You may play individually or in cooperation with other players.