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    Blair Witch is a first-person perspective game in the style of a horror. It was created under the license of popular horror movies. The Polish Bloober Team studio is standing behind the production of this game.

    The game is set in 1996. The player takes the role of a former policeman with a difficult past. His task is to comb the haunted forest to find a missing boy. He is accompanied by a faithful dog - Bullet. The dog’s role in the game is extremely important, you can give it commands. It also reacts on his own informing about important things.

    Additional entertainment is provided by occasional puzzles and arcade challenges.

    Blair Witch bg

    Blair Witch

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    Blair Witch is a game which is characterized by horror its atmosphere. It is inspired by the cinema hits. During this first-person perspective game, the player takes on the role of a former policeman. His task is to comb the haunted forest in search of a missing boy.

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