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    Beyond: Two Souls is an adventure game for PCs and PlayStation 3, also released in the PlayStation 4 reissue. It belongs to the genre of interactive thrillers. The plot of the game refers to the 15 years of life of the main character - Jodie Holmes played by Ellen Page. This is an amazing girl. She has a companion from the afterlife of unknown origin - a mysterious entity, which is called Aiden by the girl. Thanks to him, Jodie can find out what is happening behind closed doors, he can also move objects for her, and even be able to possess people. This relationship is both a support and a burden for her, through which she goes to the Institute of Paranormal Phenomena, in which she spends her childhood. At some point in Jodie's life, a dangerous twist occurs, thanks to which she is able to learn the true identity of her spiritual companion. The game is maintained in a photorealistic convention, which is an interesting stylistic procedure and greatly increases the quality of reception of this title.

    Beyond: Two Souls PC bg

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    Beyond: Two Souls is a game that emphasizes a movie-like experience, storyline and moral choices. The game story includes 15 years of the life of Jodie Holmes.

    The heroine is associated with an intriguing being called Aiden. He infiltrated the underworld at the time of her birth and somehow became attached to her. Thanks to this relationship, Jodie can do a lot more than a usual person. The mysterious being can tell her what is happening behind the walls or move various objects, it often helps when fighting demons and beings from another world. It is a kind of support for her, but also a burden.

    Due to her illness, Jodie goes to the Institute of Paranormal Phenomena, in which her carers become Professor Nathan Dawkins and his assistant Cole Freeman. In the main roles in the game we can see, among others Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

    If you like adventure games, in particular interactive thrillers, this game is made for you! You can now exchange Soul Gems for Beyond: Two Souls PC and start playing today!